Skydive Quick Guide


Skydive Quick Guide

Adding  a Swiss Alps skydive experience to your Bucket List is easy with you don’t need previous skydiving experience.
For  those who have never experienced the thrill of a skydive before, here  is a quick guide. So all you have to do on the day is enjoy every  second!

Weight limits: 100kg 

Age: 18 years old

Pre jump training: 30mins depending on how many questions you ask.  

Flight Time: 10 - 15 minutes.  
Free Fall time: Approximately 40 to 45sec sec depending on body size.  

Canopy flight: 5 minutes.  

Location: Lauterbrunnen or Interlaken depending on weather or bookings. 

Pickup Times: 9.00am, 12.00 Noon or 3.00pm.  

Pickup Service: We can pick you up from your accommodation Interlaken Region.  

Pick  up time: is not your jump time, please allow 3 hours to complete your  skydive. Weather conditions, other bookings and daily operations can  slow your jump time.  

No alcohol: 8hrs before your skydive.  

We need two people per Helicopter to fly your VIP tandem.
If you are by yourself we will do our best to match you up with another person.  

Payments:  can be made on the day by cash or credit card. Confirm your booking  early as possible, as it is peak summer and the days bookings fill fast.  

Please call on arrival to confirm your booking. All purchases  of Skydiving are subject to the following terms and conditions. By  proceeding with your purchase you are agreeing to the
following terms and conditions. All linked and 3rd party websites
advertising  on the WebSite are subject to their own terms and  conditions. Bookings are subject to our IAA approved regulations. If  you do not agree to these terms please re-think your purchase.

Terms & Conditions

Weight limit: 95kg.

Age: Under 18 years of age parental consent is required.

Alcohol: No alcohol consumption 8hrs before the skydive.

Pick up time / Arrival time: Be  ready at the agreed time and location. Late arrivals are subject to  availability. This is not the jump time, you need to allow about 3 - 4  hours to complete the skydive. Weather conditions, technical issues,  other bookings and daily operation can slow your jump time.

Weather:There  are legal regulations and generally these conditions are not nice for  skydiving anyway. Judgments are made on the day of jumping. Unsuitable  weather can cause unforeseen delays or hinder operations completely. If  it is not possible to jump your skydive will be rescheduled or refund  your payments.

Cancellation: Cancelling  at your request must be in writing by email latest 48hrs before the day  of jumping and an administration fee of CHF50 per person will be  charged. We and our partner companies have the right to cancel for bad  weather, technical reasons or refuse any person that may be a safety  concern to him/herself or others.

Health: Normal  to good health is required for the tandem skydive. Certain medical  conditions or medications may prevent you from skydiving. If you are  unsure of your condition you must have your doctor’s approval before  skydiving. Current medical conditions that can cause problems can be  rejected by the instructor conducting the skydive. If you are under the  influence of a mood altering substance your skydive is cancelled  immediately.

Insurance: We  do not provide or sell insurance for the tandem skydive. It is your  responsibility to carry adequate travel and adventure sport insurance.

Safety: The partner company conducting the skydive is the decision maker on whether operations will proceed or stop.

We  are a booking agent only and the responsibility of 3r party insurance  is with the partner company directly conducting the skydive. All legal  claims need to be made and lodged directly with the partner company and  are subject to their terms and conditions. Any legal dispute will be  conducted and mediated in Switzerland under Swiss law.

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